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How we started and what we do...

The company MACHO & CHLAPOVIČ a. s. was founded in 2010 with the intention to use the valuable know-how and enlarge the extensive numismatic tradition of both families. Market knowledge, collector’s experience and family history was melted into the ability to provide sophisticated services to both wide public community of collectors and single investors. We have an excellent knowledge and experience on the field of financial markets, international law, portfolio management and asset allocation into historically and collective attractive items. Based on this we can satisfy even the most demanding private clients. With our two offices in Bratislava and Prague we are covering the attractive region of Czechia, Slovakia, Austria and Hungary. However, you can also find us on various interesting auctions and trade fairs in Europe, Asia and the USA.

We are a single professional company in our region who has met the ambitious criteria to be accepted into IAPN (International Association of Professional Numismatists), which was founded in Geneva in 1951. The anti-forgery- committee within IAPN called IBSCC (International Bureau for the Suppression of Counterfeit Coins) is the only international independent authority to judge over genuineness. We are actively cooperating with it with our professional advice and in this way we do contribute to its qualified decisions.


We run our sales points with a professional back office in Bratislava and Prague. Furthermore, we run a successful internet store with numismatic goods and instruments and with gold and silver investment offers. We sell, buy out and accept in commission various coins, medals, banknotes, orders and decorations.

Auction house

Our goal is to organize one or two strong international numismatic auctions every year. The participation of domestic and international clients is possible either in person, or online over the internet from all over the world. We keep some of worldwide auction records, as far as coins and medals from the territories of Czech and Slovak republic are concerned. In the way of how we take care of proper and correct description of quality and flaws of our items, uncompromisingly and attentively judge over their genuineness in combination with the highest ethical standards we leave our competition far behind. We are the regional leader in methodology, technology and complex genuineness item expertise. We are the only ones with unlimited, life- long guarantee for the genuineness of everything we sell. We are, logically, the first choice to your considerations where to sell your top-quality numismatic material.

Research and publication activities

We are focused mainly on surveying and describing the mint of coins and medals on the territory of the former Austro-Hungarian Empire in its historical context of political and economic coherences in the contemporary Europe. We view the regions of Czechia and Slovakia on one hand as producers of precious and fine metals of notable economic importance and on the other as historical territories with a precious artistic creative production of world importance. On a professional field we do cover European strikes from the age of Celts through Early and Late Middle Ages up to the modern production.

Professional consultancy

We offer our consultancy and advice to our clients and the wide numismatic community for all their investment and collecting activities to come over with a strong professional support. We do our best to assess both genuineness and origin (history) of the numismatic material, objectively evaluate it and work on a detailed non-public database of single numismatic items and forgeries in cooperation with other authorities (National Bank of Slovakia, Czech National Bank, National Museum of Prague, Slovak National Museum, Museum of Coins and Medals in Kremnica, Nemzeti Múzeum Budapest, Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien etc… ) and domestic and international scientists. We will gladly help you to estimate the value of single items and compact collections, too. We can help you to construct, extend, profile and protect your items or sell them at the best possible conditions.