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Auction #29

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Mandarin Oriental Hotel Prague

Nebovidská 459/1, Malá Strana, Praha 1

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Auction conditions

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Auction Bidsheet

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GDPR consent

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Auction participation instructions


Conditions of participation

Participation in the auction and purchase of the goods is allowed only in participant’s own name and for its own account; representation is excluded. Participation in the auction is conditioned by the identification of the person interested in participating in the auction and its proper registration.


If you plan to bid on behalf of a legal entity, please also prepare the originals of the relevant documents (extract from the Commercial Register, etc.) in order for us to identify the person authorized to act on behalf of the legal entity and to identify the ultimate beneficial owners of the legal entity. Please contact us in good time, no later than 7 working days before the auction.


Participation in the floor auction:

If you plan to participate in the auction in person on the floor, registration will be done by our employee on the spot before the start of the auction. Please have a valid ID ready. When registering, you will be asked to fill in the the Registration form and GDPR consent.


If you are interested in bidding on the floor by phone, please contact us in good time, no later than 3 days before the auction.


Remote participation:

If you plan to participate on-line, please register via our on-line auction platform, which is available here. Please do so in good time. If you have already registered in the past, please check and, if necessary, update your data as well as your credit limit to ensure that everything will run smoothly. If you are interested in a higher credit limit, please contact us in good time, no later than 3 days before the auction. In order to evaluate your application, we may ask you for additional information proving your identity, references, financial security, etc.


Registered participants can bid in real time through our on-line auction platform or submit their limited bids (prebids) before the start of the auction.


Inspections of the auctioned items

Before the auction, we provide the opportunity to personally inspect the auctioned items. The bidder thus has the opportunity to assess by himself the condition and value of the objects in which he is interested in. The inspections take place in the premises of our stores (Bratislava and Prague) on the dates specified in the auction catalog. In addition, it is also possible to view all items in the auction room on the day of the auction (before and during the auction).

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Important legal information

In accordance with the valid legal regulation in the area of AML, we evaluate the degree of risk of money laundering for each transaction according to legal criteria. During registration, the participant is informed about the obligation - at any stage during the auction as well as after the end of the auction - to provide us with the cooperation and information needed for its identification and, to the extent defined by law, also other information needed to assess the risk of money laundering (employment, economic or financial data, etc.).


Payment of all taxes, customs and fees payable abroad is the responsibility of the buyer. When exporting objects of cultural value abroad, it is the buyer’s obligation to obtain the relevant export certificate at its own risk and expense. Upon special agreement, we will provide the buyer with the service of obtaining the export certificate for a fee.


All information provided is processed in accordance with the GDPR solely for the purpose of complying with the legal (statutory) obligations to which we are subject.

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‍Five times more than ten years ago...

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April 23, 2022

10 Ducat 1631 of Albrecht von Wallenstein sold for 432 000 euros

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Exceptional collection of coins of Leopold I in our 28th auction

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Extremely Rare Platinum Medals

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Ferdinand II. in the 28th auction

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March 21, 2022

‍Exceptional 1919 bank specimens

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March 21, 2022

‍Extremely Rare (RRR!) – Great Britain

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