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    Guarantee of authenticity

    We are the only company in Slovakia and the Czech Republic that guarantees the authenticity of all the goods we sell. We provide a lifetime and unlimited guarantee of authenticity for:

    • All auction items purchased in our auctions.

    • All numismatic goods purchased in our stores or online through our e-shop.

    • All investment gold and silver purchased in our stores or online through our e-shop.


    Thousands of coins, medals and banknotes have passed through the hands of our experts. This extensive experience makes them professionals in their field and in determining the authenticity of items. Of course, their experience is backed up by their study of the available expert literature and their knowledge of history, numismatics and notaphily.


    As complementary methods for determining authenticity, we work with various certified tools, which are used for:

    • Measuring dimensions and weight.

    • Examining items using high-tech microscopes, which allow us to study the details of the items, but also, for example, the way the metal was cast and the die was struck...

    • Verifying gold and silver using a magnetic scale. Based on the principles of magnetism (since gold and silver are diamagnetic metals), we can use this scale to accurately determine whether an item is in fact gold or silver, or whether it also contains traces of other undesirable metal.

    • Measurements using a professional spectrum analyser, which provide us with a fast and very accurate yet non-invasive analysis of an item.

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