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    Return policy and goods complaint


    If the goods purchased in our online shop (with the exception of investment gold and silver) do not match your expectations you can return them without explanation within 14 days as set by law. This also applies on the goods you have personally picked up at our sales point as well.

    You can either bring the items to be returned to some of our sales points or ship them to our address. In any case, do not send us items to be paid in cash on delivery. We will send you the money back to your bank account by a bank transfer, after we check the goods. In case you bring the goods to our sales point, we can pay you the money back in cash, too.

    Returning investment gold and investment silver is NOT POSSIBLE. Pursuant to the provisions of Section 12(5)(b) of Act No. 108/2000 Coll. on consumer protection in doorstep selling and distance selling, the buyer has no right to withdraw from the concluded partial purchase contract, as it is a contract concerning the sale of goods whose purchase price depends on the fluctuation of prices on the financial market, which cannot be influenced by the vendor.


    If you received items that are damaged, non-functional or have some other defect, you have the right to complaint. We are bound by the law to consider and settle the complaint within 30 days from when we receive the goods the complaint is about, but we are trying to review all complaints in the shortest period of time, so that you could enjoy your purchased goods as soon as possible.

    You can bring the goods in the complaint either personally to some of our sales points or ship it to our address.

    In any case, do not send us items to be paid in cash on delivery.

    Complaint form:

    We are sorry for the situation. Please provide all important information so that we can assess your situation as soon as possible.

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