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  • The new verification process in our auction platform
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    The new verification process in our auction platform

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    ‍Dear clients, we would like to inform you about the new verification process in our auction platform

    This is a necessary requirement to gain access to our auction platform, ensuring both safety and legal compliance. Your security is our top priority, and that's why we've partnered with Stripe to streamline a trustworthy and convenient verification process. 


    Please register or check and update your data

    Our on-line auction platform is available at Please register in good time or – if you have already registered in the past – check and, if necessary, update your data as well as your credit limit to ensure that everything will run smoothly.


    Verify your personal data

    Please note that during registration, or periodically (if you are already a registered client), you may be asked to verify your personal data through a secure and trustworthy online service. In the verification process, you will need your ID card and smartphone. Clients who do not successfully complete the verification process will not be allowed to bid in the auction.


    Credit limit

    By registering, you will get credit limit of EUR 10,000. If you are interested in items with a greater aggregate value, please contact us in good time in order to be able to process necessary statutory KYC procedures. Depending on the volume of your request or your country of residence, we may request from you additional information proving your identity, references, financial security, etc.

    Do you need help with the online verification of your personal data in Auction #31?

    • If you have encountered technical problems, we will be happy to help you solve them.
    • If you do not have technical means (smartphone), we will allow you to perform the verification by different means remotely or always in person at our store.


    For any inquiries or assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at or +421 239 020 432.

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