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Sale & Purchase & Commission - we are running our salespoints in Bratislava and Prague and an internet shop as well. There you can purchase coins, medals, banknotes, decorations and all basic numismatic tools. From natural and legal persons we buy out or take into commission coins, medals, banknotes, decorations and other precious investment metals.

Auction sale - since 2011 we organize numismatic auctions two times a year. You can participate in person or via an internet connection, too. This is the reason why buyers from all over the world take part in our events. We are able to sell in these auctions items difficult to be sold on a local numismatic market. The majority of auction items is coming from collectors and salespeople from all over the world. In our auctions we have achieved records with the most expensive sold items originating from the region of Czech and Slovak republic. In the last couple of years we are the largest auction house in the region (CZ and SK) as far as the volume of sold auction items a year is concerned.

Sale and purchase of precious metals - in our salespoints and on our webpage you can purchase golden or silver coins and ingots (bricks). For cooperation we choose only the prestigious European and world mints. The Hallmark office of the Slovak republic awarded us with a Responsibility mark to sell investment silver and gold items. Prices of precious metals on our webpage are constantly updated based on the spot gold or silver price on the stock exchange market (XAU or XAG). In every moment you can buy precious metals at a price reflection the global stock exchange market development. In the same transparent way we proceed when we buy out precious metals (we buy out only coins and ingots, not fraction gold). At each of our products you can see both sales price and buy off price being displayed. If you are interested into precious metals investment, contact us and we will advise you, how to get a quick overview in this topic and which products are most suitable for you.

Assessing coin genuineness - our workplaces are professionally technically and personally equipped, so we can give our clients an expert advice and detect practically every forgery. Thanks to our cooperation with numerous museums and expert witnesses on the field of numismatics we can provide even an expert witness report.

Investment consultancy – we can advise you how you can put together and diversify your best investment portfolio. On the field of numismatics and precious metals investment we are the best ones on the market.

Representing our clients on auctions - besides organizing own numismatic auctions we offer our clients to represent them in various auctions from all over the world. We are partners of many international auction houses, visit their events regularly and monitor and offer auction items for our clients.

You can find our salespoints in Bratislava and Prague. We will be pleased to welcome you there in person.

We are looking forward to meeting you.

Macho & Chlapovič team