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    New Showroom in Bratislava

    Coins, medals, banknotes and much more
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    We are pleased to cordially invite you to our new showroom in Bratislava!

    We have not changed our address, just moved a little closer towards the street. We are still located at Dunajská Street No. 48 in Bratislava and are open Monday to Thursday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

    Coins, medals, banknotes, supplies and literature

    Numismatists and collectors can find a wide range of products in our new showroom, such as coins and medals from the periods of the Celts, elected kings of Hungary, the Habsburgs, the Austrian Empire, the European Middle Ages, coins from all over the world, as well as from the territory of Slovakia and the Czech Republic after 1918... We also sell banknotes from Austria-Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic, but also from around the world, alongside orders, decorations and badges. We specialize not only in sales, but of course also in buying individual items as well as whole collections. We also offer numismatic literature, auction catalogues and various supplies for every numismatist from coin capsules to luxury albums and boxes. In the new showroom, you will also find coins and medals that have yet to be published in the e-shop.

    numizmatika mince

    Investment gold and silver

    Not only collectors, but also ordinary investors will find a wide range of products here. In our stores as well as in our e-shop, we offer investment gold and silver in the form of various sizes of coins and bars. We cooperate with renowned mints from all over the world, which make bullion coins and bars in high purity and quality:

    - Philharmonic (Vienna)

    -Maple Leaf (Canada)

    -Kangaroo (Australia)

    -Lunar Series (Australia)

    -Buffalo (USA)

    -Eagle (USA)

    -Krugerrand (South Africa)

    -Panda (China)

    -Argor-Heraeus (Switzerland)

    Furthermore, we not only sell investment gold and silver, but also buy it.

    mince medaily

    Numismatics and investments – consulting

    We provide consulting in investment and collecting activities and advise our clients on how best to mix their investment portfolio in order to diversify it. We can assist in the valuation of individual objects as well as entire collections. We also represent our clients at various auctions around the world.

    In addition to Bratislava, you can also find us in Prague at Slunná Street No. 11.


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