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    Extremely Rare Platinum Medals

    Introducing items from Auction #28
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    Our 28th auction will feature eleven items from Russia. In this article, we are going to introduce extremely rare (RRR!) platinum medals:

    Platinum Medal 1826 in UNC / about UNC condition will be auctioned  in Lot No. 464 with a starting bid of € 100,000. It is a highly collectible piece with beautiful patina and mirror-like lustre contrasting with the matt fields of the high relief. The most beautiful known piece on the market with a significantly higher weight than the other piece. Noted by Diakov as struck in gold, silver and bronze, yet this example is struck in platinum and is therefore an extremely rare relic of Nicholas I’s coronation ceremony. 


    Platinum Medal 1762 - accession to the Throne of Catherine II, June 28, 1762. The only known piece on the market will be auctioned in Lot No. 461 with a starting price of € 80,000. Diakov does not mention platinum mintage, only silver and bronze. Mint lustre remains in the fields, light hairlines and small edge nicks. The relief of the medal is beautifully sharp with no significant damage. The medal is in about UNC | about UNC condition.


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