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    Banknotes in Auction #31

    Introducing the auction items
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    In addition to the interesting coins and medals, several exceptional banknotes will also feature in our 31st Auction. These include a number of rare bank specimens (several of which are known to exist in only one or two instances), trial prints, vouchers of the Royal Bank of Bohemia, and exceptional unperforated banknotes from the period of the First Czechoslovak Republic. Take a look at our selection from the extensive auction offer:

    Lot number 504 - 20 Koruna 1919

    Condition: about EF

    Starting price: 10 000 EUR

    Very rare! Variant with overprinted translation.



    Lot number 510 - 100 Koruna 1919 (bank specimen)

    Condition: about UNC

    Starting price: 8 000 EUR

    Extraordinary specimen! The only specimen known to have this perforation.



    Lot number 511 - 500 Koruna 1919

    Condition: EF

    Starting price: 40 000 EUR

    Very rare!



    Lot number 523 - 500 Koruna 1923

    Condition: about EF

    Starting price: 20 000 EUR

    Very rare!



    Lot number 526 - 500 Koruna 1923 (one-sided trial prints)

    Condition: good EF

    Starting price: 20 000 EUR

    Traces of glue on the reverse of the reverse print. Hint of perforation - a hole on the obverse die. Hand-glued number series. Stamp NOV 19'23 on both. Previously unpublished.



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