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The most counterfeit banknote in Czechoslovakia

100 Koruna 1919

100 Koruna 1919, authored by the world-famous painter, graphic artist and designer, Alfons Mucha was one of the most counterfeit banknotes in all of Czechoslovakia. The obverse shows the earth emblems, on the reverse it is a symbol of a falcon and 2 women in traditional costumes opposite each other. The banknote was printed in a Prague printing-works - Národní Politika. The original in this preservation is extremely rare. The banknote will be auctioned in Auction # 27 under lot number 467.

You do not have any doubts about the authenticity of this banknote. We are the only ones with unlimited, life- long guarantee for the genuineness of everything we sell.

100 Koruna 1919

100 Koruna 1919


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