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Variants of stamps 2 ducats 1765

Under lots 239 - 242 in Auction # 27, gold Kremnitz 2 Ducats from 1765, which were minted during the reign of Queen Maria Theresa, wife of Francis of Lorraine, will be auctioned. At first glance, ducats may seem the same to some, but this is not the case. The attentive eye will not realize that each of them is a so-called die variant. The differences in these four coins can be observed in every detail:

  1. Font style and date
  2. Branches
  3. Mintmark
  4. The figure of the empress
  5. Mary with Jesus
  6. Coat of arms


Lot 242 is marked on the reverse with the symbol KD. All ducats bearing the year 1765, which were minted after the death of Francis I of Lorraine in the years 1766-1780, have the K-D marking. Francis I of Lorraine died on August 18, 1765.

2 ducats from 1765

2 ducats from 1765

Item 329

Item 240

Item 241

Item 242



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